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Search engine optimization

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SEO which stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION, SEO could take up to a couple of month or even years to work on your website. So by starting today don't think your website will be found in the next week. Agencies will offer services which can be cheap or expensive, but from my experience I would say try get the seo done yourself of find someone reliable that will help you from the start to the end.

Key successful element within SEO; Whilst carrying out SEO task you have to be very careful on how you go about making the task successful, as we now using keywords is key but at the same time spamming these keywords is not correct, so make sure its done in order of guidance to google. Many people will want to rush into seo and make it so there website becomes big in little time, this is not always the case as it up to Google who will see if you are genuine and relevant. If you are and you have been working hard the google will notice your work and before you know it your website will be one of the best in google rankings.

Google is the key search engine you have to look at whilst working on SEO, Google dominates most of the websites as it is the biggest and most used search engine in the world. So adhere to the rules of Google and you will not go wrong. SEO can be complicated, therefore split it down into smaller tasks and by doing this you will make sure the SEO is done constantly and this will help Google find you

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